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May 22nd, 2008

05:25 pm


...Ladies. Gentlemen.

Regarding: "one-night stands," orgies, pedophiles, this thing and yesterday's... disgusting fri~volous habits -

Whatever mice reside among your sheets have no doubt already had their fill of your... amorous displays. No need to enlighten the rest of us any further. And abstinence is most desirable, you absentminded cretins.

The Lord commands it.

God Above, and myself in liking.

...would that disease had crippled all your livers, and alas, Lady Pestilence, and her Lord Destruction, perhaps their theater the kinder on your flesh ~

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May 15th, 2008

11:11 pm

personal notes :: private :: warded :: cursedCollapse )

I... demand audience with whomever's... with... for God's sake, surely I'm in someone's care!

[ooc: ...lol still in mirror!City, still not remembering much. Y HALO THAR periodic amnesia, sup.]

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May 13th, 2008

06:12 pm

private :: warded :: cursedCollapse )

You - who - ...

Name and rank and reason. Now. You'll give it -



No, not yours.


[ooc: Rosiel in mirror!city. The opposite of that perfect memory that conveniently took down Sevotharte ? Short term memory. He doesn't remember much of anything, will lose information unless put down somehow, and will... overall be very paranoid / possibly try to plot out people's murders as self-defense >D Take advantage at own risk!]

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May 4th, 2008

08:30 pm

Enough is enough.

Deities of this ill-gotten place, I do believe I request...

T R I A L.

Not for abduction, as an argument can be made that our arrivals were either voluntary or accidental; not for the existence of curses, as rebuttal could be offered that they are legitimate means of entertainment, and so it is only by your exceeding benevolence that no fee is requested; no ~ ~ I demand right of trial against you for failing in your Godly duty to smite imbeciles, who accummulate their idiocy and then flood it on curse days to my convenient dismay.

Quite nothing short of dissent and lenience among deity ranks justifies their continued existence. No. E~nough. I deserve compensation.

[ooc: ...what, never wanted to sue God for everything and anything?]

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April 29th, 2008

08:39 pm

Blood and bones and sticks and stones ~

- and perhaps they come for the blood of soiled lands, or the blood on your hands, or the blood yet unspilled -

...and perhaps the dead walk because they want something.

What do you owe them, Citizens, O Citizens ~ what do you owe your dead?

As for recent word of a killing angel... the thing may present itself. Come, come, dearest, there's a duel, do make haste. It's ever so horrid to know association aside they with positively no taste. By all means, consider this challenge, or order, or both - whatever pinges your inevitable pride into adequate response.

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April 20th, 2008

06:33 pm

private :: warded :: cursedCollapse )

...and break the knee that will not bend, hmmm ~ ? A fickle thing, the Gods of any time. Tch.

City, your pleasantries are many.

Shall I thank you for this awkward gift of technology? I think not. My fond regards to they behind the cameras. Regards, if not compliments, I fear. You gave your hellos, my little pets preferred to give theirs.

[ooc: inorganic angel + cameras = " lol tentacle tim0rz." Feel free to have your character notice ambling bits of circuit parading by the Cathedral, if you'd like >D]

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April 14th, 2008

09:11 pm


Bloody chance, our captain is an incompetent! Our man-at-gears a flagrant miscreant! The crew is vile, the second class is - is - why is there a second class? The salt smell's enough to upset my stomach - why are there rats on this ship and where in mighty El's name are they scurrying off to and - oh God, that wave. - NO, I DO NOT CARE FOR DINING!

Ah - ...food. No. No. No - ...do excuse me.

Jibrille... your undoing my kind, my sweet, my lady... your undoing in water and fate...

...oh, someone take me out of my misery.

[ooc: because some people take sea sickness gracefully... and others wouldn't dream of it. ._.]

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April 11th, 2008

10:11 pm

Pestilence carrying vermin, don't think to - ...ah.

Fire against fire. Tentacle against - hmmmmmm. Why, little things, how deliciously sensual ~

Dear City, a kindness -


...scientific value, after all.

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April 5th, 2008

09:47 pm

...an honour and privilege when the day's conversation is dictated by a cue from Greed, City. Now if only this vampire nonsense were applied to the gory scene of our Warden's leeching off our patience.

Oh, indeed. How wonderfully thematic.

Felicitations to Miss Seras Victoria for her election to office.

...may she choke on it. And no, Hellsing, you may not take this opportunity to whine ridiculously.

And you -


[ooc: ...still sulking over Ishida's resignation? Naaaaaw, never >>; ]

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April 2nd, 2008

07:30 pm

Ladies. Gentlemen. Often disgusting hybrids.

As opportunities present themselves with such great aplomb for the overly foolish, ambitious, or idealistic... shan't we do please introduce a manner of courtesy?

The office is simple: Wardenship, and the associated police counsulate. The duties are... never respected, so restraints are minimal. All smiles for the politically eager - and in fact...

...factions would love nothing more than to secure your position upon dutiful contract. We can see to your campaign. We shall see you elected.

And naturally, without threats of biting, torture, and execution thereof.

Now shall we discuss bribes commissions ~ ?

Ishida, take legible notes.

[ooc: be... cause someone had to try to profit from this. ._. FIRST CAMPAIGN PR FIRM AROUND, PEOPLE, GATHER UP. WE MANIPULATE FOR A GOOD CAUSE. *__* v ]

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